How Soon After Weight Loss can I get Body Contouring?

There is a lot to cheer when a goal-weight has been achieved. A lot! Significant weight loss, whether the result of diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, is usually expected to bring with it a newfound sense of confidence. The appearance of loose, sagging skin can diminish the overall satisfaction one may expect to feel… Read More »

Fillers and Facelifts are Fabulous! Here’s Why!

The signs of aging can be troubling. Historically, adults have sought facelift surgery to combat the effects of aging such as sagging jowls and deep creases around the nose and mouth. More recently, however, there has been a lean toward dermal fillers as a corrective measure. While there is the advantage of being nonsurgical and… Read More »

Hormones Could be a Key Factor in Treating Depression

At some point, every person faces hormonal imbalances. These first occur during the teen years when the body occasionally gets flooded with sex hormones as it learns to regulate. Certain life experiences, such as taking birth control pills or becoming pregnant, can affect hormone balance, as well. The last time many of us deal with… Read More »

Breast lift Pittsburgh, PA

Get More from Your Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery has never received the same amount of attention as breast augmentation but that is not an indication of value. Studies demonstrate the efficiency and high satisfaction rate of breast lift surgery, and we get to see these effects first-hand through patients of our Columbus and Pittsburgh offices. While we are well aware… Read More »

Botox Can Do This, Too!

Botox has been so widely used and talked about for the past decade that it’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing what this drug is and what it can do. Even if you haven’t tried it yet, chances are that you know Botox as an injectable wrinkle-reducer. You may even know how it works (by… Read More »

Laser Hair Removal Pittsburgh, PA

Are You Still Wondering about Laser Hair Removal?

When we were young, many of us got a thrill out of watching Mom or Dad shave. For most of us, the concept of shaving was fascinating and the task seemed like fun. Once we reach adulthood and have been shaving for a few years, we discover that the practice can become quite the chore.… Read More »

Mommy Makeover Pittsburgh, PA

Have You Got the Idea of a Mommy Makeover All Wrong?

Mommy makeover treatment is nothing new. The term has been tossed around so much that even someone in the throes of “mommy brain” has a pretty good idea of what this group of cosmetic surgery procedures can do. The thing about the whole mommy makeover concept is that as common as this treatment is, we… Read More »

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pittsburgh, PA

Testosterone May be the Boost You Need, Even if You’re a Woman

Testosterone has been revered for the strength and virility the hormone provides for the average male. Even as far as we’ve come in medicine and technology, many people are still surprised to hear that the sex hormones we largely attribute to male and female characteristics exist in both sexes. Men need a small amount of… Read More »

Is Radiesse the Right Filler for Your Needs?

The advancement of dermal fillers in the world of aesthetic medicine has had a profound impact on how we approach aging. With various products now available, it is easy to lean only in one direction. Usually, that is toward the products that may have nothing more than consistent or innovative marketing. Radiesse is one of… Read More »