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7 Reasons You Need Botox

Botox is most known for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, but it has a lot of other benefits you may not know about.  “Botox is our most popular treatment, and for good reason. Not only is it the gold standard in reducing wrinkles, but it can also revitalize your entire look in many different ways,” says Danielle Malby, RN, and Aesthetic Clinician at The Skin Center, Pittsburgh’s leading medical spa with seven locations serving the area. The Skin Center is also nationally recognized as a Top 1% Botox provider in the country, and their award-winning clinical team does over 1,200 treatments each month—experience you can trust. Here, Danielle maps out the key reasons you may want to try Botox.

1. Your at-home skincare routine isn’t doing enough.

Most of us have randomly caught a glimpse of our face and have been shocked by fine lines and wrinkles. And since so many of us are already using quality skincare, what gives? “Botox relaxes the small facial muscles that cause wrinkles, something skincare cannot accomplish. Botox takes about two weeks to kick in, then you’ll love your remarkably smoother skin with fewer wrinkles,” says Danielle. Botox also helps mitigate aging issues long-term, making it the perfect complement to a quality skincare routine. “If you are consistent with keeping those muscles relaxed, you are going to see those lines soften drastically. You’ll see increased production in collagen and elastin, and those lines disappearing with consistent use of Botox and skincare.”

2. You want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Preventative Botox, also known as Baby Botox, can help slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. “This Botox technique requires a much smaller dose that is just enough to keep your muscles relaxed to prevent facial creasing without losing your natural expressions,” explains Danielle. Preventative Botox is best started in your mid-20s to early 30s before you begin to see fine lines. 

3. You want to look like yourself, just better.

Some of us might be beyond the Baby Botox stage, but this injectable can help anyone who wants smoother, more radiant skin. In fact, Botox is a cosmetic procedure with some of the most natural-looking results when administered by a knowledgeable aesthetic clinician. “People are scared of looking unnatural and they want to look like themselves,” assures Danielle, “It’s important to find an injector that will set realistic expectations for you and listen to your goals.” At The Skin Center, our goal is to enhance your natural, unique beauty. 

4. You value self-care.

Botox is just one part of a comprehensive self-care routine that includes quality skincare, daily sun protection, sufficient rest, movement, and nutrition. “Taking care of my skin is one of the ways that I reconnect myself in the morning and especially at night after a really long day,” smiles Danielle. “Investing in your skin is the ultimate in self-care.” We all feel better when we look good.

5. You are tired of looking tired.

Life can be exhausting. Late nights, work deadlines, and the daily hustle and bustle can create skin that is dull, sagging, and lifeless. You might be struggling to even recognize the tired eyes and brows looking back in your mirror. Botox can subtly lift your brows, which helps to revitalize the look of fatigued eyes. “This little lift can have a major impact on making your whole face look alive and well-rested,” says Danielle. 

6. You want to enhance your lips without filler.

A Botox ‘lip-flip’ is a special technique that relaxes your upper lip area and, as a result, makes your upper lip look fuller—no filler required. A Botox lip-flip can also reduce the look of a gummy smile. It is a great way to balance out your lips without adding filler and keep your natural, beautiful smile intact.

7. You want to prevent your makeup from creasing or even wear less makeup. 

Often, many of The Skin Center’s patients use less makeup overall after Botox. And if you do wear makeup, there’s less of a chance of it settling into facial creases. Botox creates a smoother and more even surface on the skin, making it easier to apply makeup and helping it to look more flawless, longer. Because the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin have been smoothed, makeup sits on top beautifully, without creasing. It is a great treatment for both the makeup minimalist and the makeup advanced.

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