Angie Kyne, NP, Aesthetic Clinician

Angie Kyne

Angie Kyne, NP, Expert Injector loves bringing her expertise to patients as they embark on a journey to look and feel their best. With a strong background in intensive care nursing, Angie loves working with her patients in this supportive environment and focusing on proactive skincare and treatments that enhance both physical appearance and quality of life.

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Joined The Skin Center


Specialized Education/Training

  • ACLS
  • PALS and American College of Phlebology Annual Congress 2015

Skin Care Tip

Use sunscreen!! Be proactive in your skin care before you develop sun related damage. So many of us have gone without sunscreen or used tanning beds as a young adult without fully understanding the damage that was being done. It is so important to care for your skin throughout each decade of your life and sunscreen is a quick easy step to take.

Favorite Med Spa Treatment

I love getting a chemical peel. It is such as relaxing experience and my skin feels so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. A chemical peel is like a jump start to my skin and helps all of the products I use work so much better .

Info Sources

There is information everywhere you turn today from the internet, to blogs, to publications. I still look to research journals for the most up and coming treatments in health care.

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • What skin products do you use?
  • What will it cost?
  • What is your favorite treatment to do?

My Favorite Client Transformation Stories

A new young mom came in for lip filler and was so anxious for the treatment and what her outcome would be. When she looked in the mirror at the finished result she was astounded and felt “transformed”. She had not done anything for herself in over a year and was so happy with her results she cried. I can totally relate, as a mom to young children myself, on how difficult it can be to take time for yourself. In her case it meant the world to her to have this moment that improved her self esteem and I was so happy to help.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge is being too critical of my self, both professionally and personally. I want each and every one of my patients to be 100% satisfied with their outcomes and will do my best to learn and research whatever possible to help them achieve their goal.

What I Love Most About My Work

Finding my way to the Skin Center after years as an intensive care nurse was definitely a new experience. I had spent 13 years with patients and families at their saddest and most difficult moments in their lives. Becoming an NP, I was eager to change my gear and look at medicine from a whole new perspective. I love getting to work with my patients and strive to achieve a collective goal in their anti-aging journey. I work among some of the most talented and educated women in the business and learn something new every day. My goal is to never stop learning and helping my patients reach their goals.

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