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Have You Got the Idea of a Mommy Makeover All Wrong?

Mommy makeover treatment is nothing new. The term has been tossed around so much that even someone in the throes of “mommy brain” has a pretty good idea of what this group of cosmetic surgery procedures can do. The thing about the whole mommy makeover concept is that as common as this treatment is, we… Read More »

Is Radiesse the Right Filler for Your Needs?

The advancement of dermal fillers in the world of aesthetic medicine has had a profound impact on how we approach aging. With various products now available, it is easy to lean only in one direction. Usually, that is toward the products that may have nothing more than consistent or innovative marketing. Radiesse is one of… Read More »

Can I Breastfeed after a Breast Lift?

Motherhood brings a plethora of new experiences into a woman’s life. Breastfeeding may be one of the very first. There isn’t much that can be done to completely prepare a new mother for the nuances of breastfeeding, including the way that this choice may alter the shape and size of her breasts. Is this a… Read More »

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pittsburgh PA

How Men Can Spot Hormone Imbalance

We talk a lot about hormones these days, but that doesn’t mean the Average Joe knows how to spot the signs of imbalance. Knowing where your hormones stand is an important matter. We now know that many of the conditions we relate to aging really have to do with hormone depletion and fluctuation, right down… Read More »

Is This the Year you Get Your Groove Back?

Women can be affected by hormonal fluctuations throughout the majority of their lifetime. As they are, they may encounter a number of frustrating symptoms. We can’t even say that it’s at a certain age when a woman may wish she had an easier time reaching orgasm or even feeling a strong sense of desire for… Read More »

Medical Spa Pittsburgh PA

Is Your Face Betraying You?

It seems that, from birth, most humans have an innate ability to read faces. A recent study, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, estimated that babies become adept at reading faces within the first six months of life. Even before the age of seven months, a baby can discern emotions such as fear, sadness,… Read More »

Beat the Winter Skin Woes with a Manual Reset

There are so many ways in which we can rejuvenate the skin that we can overlook the fundamentals. These basics of healthy, glowing skin are particularly relevant during this time of year when the temperature drops and takes humidity right along with it. You may know that your skin gets rough and takes on the… Read More »

Fast-Fixes for Your Pre-Holiday Beauty Concerns

We are at the time of year when the rubber meets the road; when beauty treatments need to count because your face and body will be in front of family, friends, and cameras. Really, the heart of beauty treatments lies in our ability to make you feel amazing. Even when time is of the essence,… Read More »