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Dermal Fillers & How to CALM Bruising

When a patient comes to The Skin Center and says, “Help! My face is melting,” our providers know just what to do. “More often than not, the answer is dermal fillers,” says expert injector, Kathy Allen, RN, “to replace the volume loss that comes with aging.” It’s true… Nothing drags a face down more than lost facial volume. Unless… Read More »

The Latest Secret to Beautiful Skin? GRASS

Skincare with GRASS? Seriously? Ok, we aren’t really talking about phytochemicals here. Nope. It’s nothing you mow (or smoke). And we’re not talking about some new “wicked green” Elphaba look. We’re talking about G.R.A.S.S.—the five simple letters to remember when crafting your perfect skincare routine. Developed by SkinMedica®, G.R.A.S.S. is an acronym designed to take… Read More »

Microneedles May Be Your New BFF

Most people don’t like the idea of needles. Even if you can tolerate having your blood drawn during routine health physicals, the concept of multiple needles penetrating the skin on your face at one time might make you cringe. Trust us, the microneedling treatments conducted in our Columbus and Pittsburgh area offices are far from… Read More »

Mommy Makeover Pittsburgh, PA

A Mommy Makeover Can Give You a New and Improved You

There is no way to sugarcoat the changes that may occur from pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Many women openly express their sense of dissatisfaction with the way that motherhood has changed their body. This is not only normal, but it’s also perfectly acceptable. If you find yourself wishing for the old you, you’re not alone.… Read More »

You Can Have the Lips You Want, But Know This

Kylie. That may be the only word we have to say to turn your attention to the subject of lips. Really, Kylie Jenner is only one of several examples of lips we love to admire. In reality, magazines and screens both big and small are loaded with luscious lips. For that matter, so is social… Read More »

Reasons to Consider SmartLipo

Fatty deposits anywhere on the body can be an enormous frustration. Still, most people have at least one area in which we have some extra fat cells to spare. Maybe your problem area is the backs of your arms; maybe it’s your back. Many people today seek our help with the reduction of double-chin fat,… Read More »

Treat Your Skin with Specific Intent

There are a few ways we can choose to go through life. One is to go with the flow and respond to what comes. Another approach, one that has become more popular in recent years, is to go through life with a sense of intention. To be intentional means to do what you do with… Read More »

If You’re Troubled by Spider Veins, You Need to Read This

We field a lot of questions about how to treat and prevent spider veins. These are the webbed clusters of tiny veins that have no apparent starting point and certainly no endpoint. They may not be uncomfortable in terms of aching or throbbing the way that varicose veins are, but spider veins are troubling nonetheless.… Read More »

Why Women Need Testosterone

Historically, testosterone has been regarded as an essential aspect of men’s health. Numerous studies have confirmed the value of testosterone for men of all ages, aiding in muscle retention and anti-aging effects. Conversely, low testosterone has been linked to potentially serious conditions including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart attack. Through various studies, the medical field… Read More »