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Reasons to Consider SmartLipo

Fatty deposits anywhere on the body can be an enormous frustration. Still, most people have at least one area in which we have some extra fat cells to spare. Maybe your problem area is the backs of your arms; maybe it’s your back. Many people today seek our help with the reduction of double-chin fat,… Read More »

Treat Your Skin with Specific Intent

There are a few ways we can choose to go through life. One is to go with the flow and respond to what comes. Another approach, one that has become more popular in recent years, is to go through life with a sense of intention. To be intentional means to do what you do with… Read More »

If You’re Troubled by Spider Veins, You Need to Read This

We field a lot of questions about how to treat and prevent spider veins. These are the webbed clusters of tiny veins that have no apparent starting point and certainly no endpoint. They may not be uncomfortable in terms of aching or throbbing the way that varicose veins are, but spider veins are troubling nonetheless.… Read More »

Why Women Need Testosterone

Historically, testosterone has been regarded as an essential aspect of men’s health. Numerous studies have confirmed the value of testosterone for men of all ages, aiding in muscle retention and anti-aging effects. Conversely, low testosterone has been linked to potentially serious conditions including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart attack. Through various studies, the medical field… Read More »

Your Face is 3-Dimensional, so your Facelift Should be, Too!

The landscape of the face is not intended to be flat. The peaks and valleys are what give every face unique character. If you were to observe a picture of yourself from several years ago, you would see what we’re talking about. Your eyebrows, cheeks, and chin project forward. Your eyes, temples, and hollows beneath… Read More »

How a Secret Makeover Can Improve Your Quality of Life

There are telltale signs of aging that we are all familiar with. It’s impossible not to be, seeing that we talk about them so frequently. At the Skin Center, we are proud to offer multiple treatment options to help men and women have more control over facial aging. Additionally, our offices are equipped with the… Read More »

Sculptra is Not Your Standard Filler

The way that gravity affects the face as we age can leave us feeling a little discouraged. We frequently meet with men and women who are struggling with the dissatisfying changes that occur with age. Often, it is assumed that the best way to restore height to the cheekbones and contouring to the lower part… Read More »

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3 Ways to Refresh your Eyes Before Spring

Spring isn’t far off, and that leads many people to consider how they can refresh their look as the weather brightens and warms up. In many cases, it is the eyes that most obviously age the face. This theory has been supported in numerous studies that involved observation of photos of men and women before… Read More »