Spider Veins Don’t Have to Ruin Your Confidence This Summer

Spider veins don’t have to be a medical problem to be a problem. You know what we mean: those webbed clusters of veins may not ache or tingle, but they sure can cause you to feel uncomfortable. They don’t have to. These veins that form collections of discolored webbing on your legs, ankles, or other… Read More »

How a Secret Makeover Can Improve Your Quality of Life

There are telltale signs of aging that we are all familiar with. It’s impossible not to be, seeing that we talk about them so frequently. At the Skin Center, we are proud to offer multiple treatment options to help men and women have more control over facial aging. Additionally, our offices are equipped with the… Read More »

Sculptra is Not Your Standard Filler

The way that gravity affects the face as we age can leave us feeling a little discouraged. We frequently meet with men and women who are struggling with the dissatisfying changes that occur with age. Often, it is assumed that the best way to restore height to the cheekbones and contouring to the lower part… Read More »

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3 Ways to Refresh your Eyes Before Spring

Spring isn’t far off, and that leads many people to consider how they can refresh their look as the weather brightens and warms up. In many cases, it is the eyes that most obviously age the face. This theory has been supported in numerous studies that involved observation of photos of men and women before… Read More »

Reasons to Love the Cold

At some point during the bitter cold months of Winter, many of us begin to dream of the sun’s warmth and days by the water. The very idea of more cold at this time of year may feel completely counterintuitive to what is good for us. We want to propose that there can be value in… Read More »

Crepey Skin? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Lines and spots aren’t the only problems we encounter as our skin ages. One of the complaints that we hear frequently is the way the skin in certain areas of the body starts to thin. Over time, this thinning makes the skin look more like crepe-paper than a nice, smooth surface. Crepey skin is a… Read More »

Why More People are Loving Their Fat

Fat. It’s a natural aspect of being human, and it is something with which most of us have a love-hate relationship. In actuality, we should acknowledge that fat is most often viewed as something we’d prefer not to have. On the contrary, though, as we age, we may begin to recognize the true value of… Read More »

Middle Age Can Bite Me…I’m Waging War Against Wrinkles!

In the war against wrinkles, my weapon of choice is Dysport®. I’m going to smooth my wrinkles, dye my hair and otherwise hope for the best. That’s right, I’m fighting back (while obsessing as little as possible). Several months ago I penned a blog about Botox® Cosmetic. I was new to the wrinkle-fighting game and the word Botox just rolled off… Read More »