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What is a breast lift?


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Breast lift offers women the option of lifting and reshaping the breast without the use of breast implants, and may be a more natural option for women wanting to change the shape of their breast but are not comfortable with the idea of implants.

Breast lift involves removing the excess skin of the breast and tightening the surrounding tissue to create fullness, volume and support to the natural breast.*

What concerns can a breast lift address?

Breast lift improves the appearance of:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Flat breasts
  • Poorly shaped or asymmetrical breasts

Where will my breast lift surgery be performed?

In Pittsburgh, breast lift surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center; fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Breast lift with breast implants

Many women consider a breast lift to be a more natural breast augmentation choice, however a breast lift can also be achieved through the use of implants. In addition to lifting the breast, the implants add volume and fullness as well. During a private consultation, the type, shape and position of the breast implant will be addressed based on the current condition of the natural breast and the amount of lift desired.

Breast lift scars and incisions

A breast lift typically requires three incisions to raise and reshape the natural breast for a fuller, more youthful profile. However, usually only one incision, the vertical incision, is visible after breast has fully healed. Breast lift scars typically fade to a pencil-thin line; most women are so pleased with the result of the breast lift that the remaining, light colored scar is of little concern.

Recovery from breast lift surgery

Women may experience varying degrees of discomfort after a breast lift, however any discomfort can be effectively managed with the proper pain medication. A surgical bra or compression garment will be worn for one month to help reduce post-operative swelling.

Most women find they are able to return to work a week or so following surgery. However, heavy lifting may be restricted for up to eight weeks.*

Cost of a breast lift

The cost for a breast lift will depend on whether you choose to have a breast lift and implants or breast lift without implants. The cost of surgery will be determined during your private surgical consultation. Our surgical consultants will discuss the goals of your surgery, your desired results and your lifestyle to help you determine if breast lift surgery or breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

Is breastfeeding possible after having a breast lift?

Typically, breastfeeding is not affected by having a breast lift because the glandular tissue of the nipple and areola are left intact during surgery.

Does nipple sensation return after having breast lift surgery?

Following a breast lift, many women experience a temporary loss of sensation in the nipple and surrounding breast tissue. The loss of sensation occurs from nerve damage during the surgery. As the body heals itself, the nerves also heal and sensation is restored. However, in a few cases, the loss of sensation may improve but not reach the same level as before breast lift surgery or it may become a permanent* result of the surgery.

Are there risks associated with cosmetic surgery procedures?

Men and women of all ages choose cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons and the process of deciding to have elective cosmetic plastic surgery is highly individualized and very personal. This decision can offer lasting improvement not only to an individual’s physical appearance, but also to his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. However, choosing to have any type of elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery is not without risk and potential complications.

Breast lift before & after photos

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Alternative Treatments

Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that alters the size and shape of the breast for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.

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