EyeQ Eye Lift

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Available in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH

What is EyeQ eye lift?

EyeQ® eye Lift is the secret to brighter, more beautiful eyes. The EyeQ eye lift is a scarless eye lift that reduces the look of puffy under eyes and dark circles under eyes with minimal downtime and immediate, noticeable results.*

Available only at The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, EyeQ eye lift benefits include:

  • Scarless lower eyelid surgery
  • Reduces dark circles under eyes
  • Removes bags under eyes
  • Improves puffy, tired eyes
  • Gives the illusion of higher cheek bones

Available in Pittsburgh, EyeQ eye lift is performed by board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jason Tomsic in our Mt. Lebanon state-licensed surgery center.

Treatment information

EyeQ eye lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic eyelid procedures performed at The Skin Center Medical Spa. The eye lift is a relatively simple surgical procedure with a quick recovery* and minimal discomfort; resulting in remarkable changes in a person’s overall appearance.

Our Pittsburgh surgeons perform this scarless lower eye lift surgery by making a very small incision just inside the lower eyelid. He removes a portion of the under eye fat pad until the protruding under eye bags are eliminated. He then closes the very small, concealed incision with a single dissolvable stitch.

Once the lower eye lift surgery is complete, a light physician-grade chemical peel may be performed around the eyes to tighten, lighten and brighten the skin and diminish skin creping. Typically, the EyeQ eye lift surgery takes about 20-to-25 minutes to perform.

*For most patients when post-operative instructions are followed.

How long will the results from an EyeQ eye lift treatment last?

The results of EyeQ eye lift are long-lasting. Once the under eye fat pad is removed it will not return. However, the aging process will continue and, with time, the eye area may begin to show the signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles and skin creping.

What is the recovery like for the EyeQ eye lift surgery?

Just like the eye lift surgery itself, recovery is relatively quick with minimal discomfort when post-operative instructions are followed. When performed without the chemical eye peel, the recovery time from the EyeQ eye lift is about three days. When the chemical eye peel is performed, recovery time increases to about 7 – 10 days to allow for the skin exfoliation to lessen and the pinkish skin discoloration to fade.

What are the side effects of an EyeQ eye lift surgery?

Side effects from the EyeQ eye lift surgery are generally mild and may include bruising and swelling of the eye area, which typically dissipates within three to five days. When a chemical eye peel is performed, the area must be kept clean, sunscreen must be applied regularly and the area must be moisturized to avoid any chance of infection and to encourage optimal healing. Keep in mind, deeper peels offer more noticeable improvement but require longer downtime.

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