Kasey Kail, Medical Aesthetician

Kasey Kail

Kasey is a highly skilled medical aesthetician offering a full range of medical spa treatments, but CoolSculpting Elite fat reduction treatments are her specialty. As part of our Pittsburgh team, Kasey enjoys watching the transformation this non-surgical body contouring treatment has not only on her client’s bodies but their confidence, too.

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Joined The Skin Center


Specialized Education/Training

  • Licensed since 2004
  • Cosmetologist specializing in Esthetics since 2003
  • Cosmetology Teaching License with certification in Success Dynamics
  • Certified in Micro-pigmentation, Semi-permanent Makeup, Syneron Medical Lasers
  • Educator of the Month, 2006

Skin Care Tip

Moisture is the key to success. Oily skin needs moisture just as much as dry skin does! Oily skin is usually your skin’s way of hydrating itself. The key is finding the one that works best for you to restore balance.

Favorite Med Spa Treatment

Although it’s hard to pick one, I would say microdermabrasion and peels are my favorites. With each treatment, you see more and more improvement. No matter how much surgery or Botox® you get, good skincare is the foundation.

Info Sources

I frequently read magazines such as New Beauty. I am always looking up new procedures online and on YouTube. I also get a ton of feedback from my patients. They may have heard from family in other states about certain procedures/skincare or even something they have seen on The Doctors or Dr. Oz. I write down the information and usually look into it to see the benefits.

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • Anything new with skin treatments or products?
  • What can I do about the circles under my eyes?
  • Does CoolSculpting® really work?

My Favorite Client Transformation Stories

I have had Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) patients who come in thinking that they are the worst case we have ever seen. From acne and acne scarring to teens who come in after being made fun of in school for being “hairy.” I have also had patients going through divorce who are depressed about their appearance.

Giving patients hope that there are treatments that can improve their skin concerns while also giving them realistic expectations is key. Building trust in any relationship is first. And trust is most important, given what we do here. Patients can go to any other provider, but they end up coming back to us because they trust us—and they are pleased with what they see in the mirror after treatment.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge is making sure I exceed expectations. Communication is important so that we do not fall into a rut like the hair stylist who “always does the same thing.” I want to make sure our patients are always happy with treatments and I’m always asking questions to ensure that.

What I Love Most About My Work

My absolute favorite thing about working at The Skin Center is the people I work with and the patients I get to see. My co-workers are so knowledgeable and are willing to share that knowledge so that we become better providers. When you walk in the front door, I feel that there is a genuine warmth in the centers that comes from caring about our practice and our patients. I believe it is evident to our patients as well. I truly love forming relationships with my patients, hearing about their families and what’s new in their lives—it extends well beyond treatments. On top of that, we are always on the cutting edge of skincare and innovations in our field. There is always something new to learn.

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