Laser Hair Removal Pre/Post Treatment Instructions

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Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Avoid sun exposure and use of sunless tanner for one week prior to treatment.
  • Avoid use of tretinoin, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid 3-7 days prior to treatment as directed by your treatment provider.
  • Avoid waxing and/or use of chemical depilatories for 10 days prior to treatment.
  • If you have had other skin rejuvenation procedures in the past month, please discuss with your treatment provider beforehand.   Procedures need to have adequate time spacing between them to avoid complications.
  • For bikini area treatment: If you have a history of genital herpes simplex virus (HSV) or genital warts/human papillomavirus (HPV), please contact your provider as soon as possible for further instructions.

Post – Laser Hair Removal Instructions

  • Mild discomfort/ stinging similar to a sunburn sensation may be noted for 24 hours following treatment.  Keep skin cool after treatment.  Cool compresses, aloe gel, or light oil-free moisturizer may be used on the treatment area to minimize discomfort.
  • Immediately and for 24 hours following body treatment, avoid wearing the following clothing types over treated areas: tight clothing, pantyhose, knee socks, tall boots.  These can irritate and/or occlude heat to treatment areas causing post treatment complications.
  • Avoid use heavy moisturizers or petroleum-based products on treatment areas for the first 24 hours.  These can occlude the treatment area and lead to post treatment complications.
  • Avoid products containing the following: tretinoin (Retin A), benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, astringents/ toners, abrasive exfoliating scrubs and exfoliating brush systems for 7 days following treatment.  If skin irritation, prolonged redness, or blistering should occur following treatment, your treatment provider will instruct you as to when these products can be resumed.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for at least 72 hours as this can cause blistering and/or discoloration.  It is important to remember that sun exposure to the treatment area/s should be avoided throughout the treatment course.  When outdoors, please use SPF 30 or higher on treatment areas to protect your skin.  Use of sunless tanner should also be avoided.
  • Avoid hot water, swimming, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, yoga and exercise for 48 hours following treatment. If any skin irritation, prolonged redness, or blistering should occur, your treatment provider will instruct you as to when you can resume these activities.
  • Use of makeup, moisturizers, deodorant, and shaving may be resumed the day after treatment if there are no skin irritations, prolonged redness, or blistering present. When using these products, apply and remove delicately.
  • The application of laser energy to the skin may cause temporary redness and mild swelling to the skin similar to a raised rash-like appearance.
  • In rare cases, crusting, blistering, prolonged redness (lasting beyond treatment day) or discoloration can occur. If you observe any of these rare side effects, please call 1-800-429-1151 to speak with your treatment provider for further instructions.

  If you have any questions or concerns, call The Skin Center at 1-800-429-1151

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