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As women age, the buttocks and breasts tend to flatten from muscle and glandular loss while the love handles and abdomen become fuller from fat accumulation. Re-LIPO-sition restores a more youthful shape by removing unwanted fat from bulging areas of the body and then repositioning the fat to flat areas of the body, restoring the hour-glass appearance.

Treatment Information

What Is Re-LIPO-Sition™?

Re-LIPO-sition, is a surgical procedure that utilizes liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the belly, love handles, back, arms or thighs. The fat is then artistically repositioned to another area of the body where more volume or fullness is needed, such as the buttocks and/or breasts.

How Is The Fat Removed And Then Repositioned?

Using a small cannula, the fat is removed from the body during liposuction surgery. The fat is purified and then injected into the breasts and/or buttocks in a topographical layering technique (see reference document to the right) to artistically create the desired fullness and volume. Once the injected fat is in place, the area is multi-directionally massaged for a beautiful smoothing effect. Because some of the injected fat is naturally reabsorbed by the body, the area is typically overfilled by 25 percent to ensure optimal results.

What Is Stem Cell Assisted Fat Transfer?

Stem cell assisted fat transfer is an optional, highly recommended, add-on treatment that patients may elect as part of the Re-LIPO-sition® procedure to help enhance augmentation. Stem cells are present in body fat; the same body fat that is removed during the liposuction procedure described above.

Using a special enzymatic technique, some of the harvested fat is purified until only stem cells remain. These stem cells are then added back to the original fat that was removed. The original fat and added stem cells are then injected into the body part in need of augmentation using Dr. Brandy’s proprietary topography technique.

Adding purified stem cells to the fat transfer increases the fat survival rate from approximately 50 percent to 85 percent because the number of stem cells present in the fat has increased. Another benefit of stem cell assisted fat transfer is there is no longer a need for overcorrection because of the stem cells’ natural augmentation effect.

As a result, stem cell assisted fat transfer patients experience a less-exaggerated fullness in the initial two-week post-op period. The stem cells also stimulate the development of new blood vessels to the fat transfer; six months after the procedure, the transferred fat will have developed a healthy blood supply and will begin to grow subtly enhancing the volume and fullness of the fat transfer, which will continue 6 to 18 months following the procedure.

Do You Need Be Overweight To Have Re-LIPO-Sition?

No! Everyone, no matter how thin, has some fat on their body. Re-LIPO-sition can add subtle volume and fullness or more dramatic results depending on the amount of fat harvested and injected into the breasts and/or buttocks. For most people, the amount of fat removed during liposuction is enough to restore the youthful volume and fullness they desire.

What Is The Cost Of Re-LIPO-Sition?

The cost of Re-LIPO-sition surgery will vary depending on the amount of liposuction needed and the number of areas being enhanced through fat transfer. The cost of your Re-LIPO-sition surgery will be outlined during your surgical consultation.

What Is The Recovery From Re-LIPO-Sition Surgery?

Each person will experience a different recovery from Re-LIPO-sition because no two surgeries are exactly alike. However, you will experience some degree of discomfort and soreness after surgery which can be effectively managed with the proper pain medication.

The two weeks immediately following surgery you will need to wear a compression garment to help reduce post-operative swelling from the liposuction surgery. During this time, you will be asked to refrain from any lifting or exercise.

Because the fat transfer area is overfilled to accommodate the reabsorption of some of the injected fat, the injection site may look too large immediately after surgery. This over-filled area gradually subsides, resulting in a more natural look. In some cases, it may take up to 12 weeks or longer to see the final result.

Depending on your occupation, you should be able to return to work within a week of having surgery.

What Happens To My New Figure If I Gain Weight After Surgery?

When fat transfer to the buttocks is performed, it is acceptable to sit and lay down immediately following the surgery. Sitting or lying flat will not displace the injected fat nor will it diminish the result of the fat transfer to the butt.

How Long Until I Can Sit After Having Fat Transfer To The Butt?

The final result is long-lasting; as long as a healthy weight is maintained.

Are There Risks Associated With Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Men and women of all ages choose cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons and the process of deciding to have elective cosmetic plastic surgery is highly individualized and very personal. This decision can offer lasting improvement not only to an individual”s physical appearance, but also to his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. However, choosing to have any type of elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery is not without risk and potential complications.

How Does Adding Additional Stem Cells To The Fat Help The Result?

It is widely believed that it is actually the stem cells contained within the fat, not the fat itself that create the majority of the volumizing and augmentation effect of the fat transfer treatment. Six percent (6%) of the fat that is harvested for fat transfer is made up of stem cells and every cc of fat that is removed contains approximately 1.5 million stem cells. With stem cell assisted fat transfer, we reserve 60 cc’s of fat which we purify using a special enzymatic technique that results in an additional 90 million stem cells that are added to the fat transfer procedure. Adding purified stem cells increases the fat survival rate from approximately 50 percent to 85 percent because the number of stem cells present in the fat has increased. This survival rate has been confirmed by MRIs and CAT scans and verified by clinical outcomes.

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