Quicklift® Facelift

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Available in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH

What is QuickLift® Facelift?

The QuickLift® Facelift is a minimally invasive, facelift procedure that gently lifts the mid-to-lower portion of the face and tightens the neck and jawline. The result is a refreshed, well-rested, more youthful appearance and a restored sense of confidence that truly radiates from the inside out!


What does the QuickLift® Facelift accomplish?

  • Tightens jowls
  • Lifts and defines cheeks
  • Smoothes the necklines
  • Reduces nasolabial folds

For our clients with a demanding lifestyle, facelift surgery is not always an option. The QuickLift® delivers similar results to those obtained through a traditional facelift but with a lower likelihood of complications, a faster recovery, and a more natural-looking result.

When selecting your facelift surgeon, don’t be fooled by physicians offering a similarly named procedure. In Pittsburgh, the QuickLift® Facelift is performed exclusively at The Skin Center by board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jason Tomsic in our Mt. Lebanon state-licensed surgery center.

In Columbus, QuickLift® Facelift surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, Fernando Colon, MD in our Columbus surgical center.

QuickLift® Facelift before & after photos

What our patients have to say:

"Dr. Colon is an excellent surgeon, his nursing staff is so professional and everyone else in the office is top-notch. I'm 62 and got the Quicklift with neck lipo. I really feel like a new woman!" – Gail D.

More benefits of QuickLift® Facelift surgery:

Outpatient procedure

  • Local anesthesia or twilight sedation
  • Minimal downtime*
  • Natural-looking results
  • Immediate results with lasting

*When performed alone

Developed at The Skin Center, the QuickLift® procedure begins with a small incision just inside the hairline, beginning at the temple and continuing down along the tragus of the ear and finishing around the earlobe to the nape hair.

The underlying connective tissue and facial muscles are gently lifted upward and suspended using a purse-string suture technique, which immediately lifts the face, enhances the appearance of the jawline and upper neck and ensures the facelift results are long-lasting.

Then, the excess skin is carefully removed and the incision is meticulously closed under magnification using a suturing technique designed to reduce tension and minimize any visible facelift scars. This QuickLift® procedure may be performed with local anesthesia or twilight sedation, making it very comfortable for the patient and resulting in minimal bleeding and less bruising and swelling.

What's recovery like for the QuickLift® Facelift?

Prescription pain medication is provided to help manage the pain following the facelift surgery; however, many individuals say that an over-the-counter pain reliever is all that is needed. In addition to some mild discomfort, some people may experience temporary bruising, which can be camouflaged with makeup three days following the surgery. To minimize swelling, patients are encouraged to sleep with their head elevated for the first week and to apply cold compresses in the first 48 hours.

Healing time from the QuickLift® facelift varies from person to person and depends on whether other facial rejuvenation procedures were performed during the surgery. Healing time is one to two weeks or longer and will be discussed in detail during your surgical consultation.

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