Rachel Gill, RN, Aesthetic Clinician

Rachel Gill

Rachel Gill, Expert RN Injector

Pittsburgh Expert RN Injector, Rachel Gill specializes in Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, and more. Rachel brings over 15 years of experience in Intensive Care Nursing to her patients at The Skin Center. She is known for her attention to detail and her nurturing and humble personality. Rachel loves allowing her patients to look and feel their best by enhancing their natural beauty.

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Joined The Skin Center


Specialized Education/Training

  • Master of Science and Bachelor’s in Nursing Degree
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • Galderma and Allergan Trainings
  • Trained in advanced techniques for neurotoxins and fillers
  • Awards Received
  • Cameo of Caring Award (Exceptional Bedside Nursing Awardee)
  • Daisy Award (recognizing extraordinary Nurses)

My Favorite Skin Care Tip

I am super fair, so sunscreen is a must! Start young or skin damage will catch up to you eventually! I also love a good tinted moisturizer with an SPF. It gives you a nice glow without looking like you have too much makeup on! Lastly some type of retinol and glycolic should be a part of your routine.

Favorite Med Spa Treatment

Microneedling is one of my favorite treatments for your skin, especially if you can complete that treatment every 4-6 weeks. You really see amazing results to your skin tone, texture, fine lines, scarring and structure with regular treatments. I also love Dermal fillers, they give you an immediate result and a nice subtle youthful appearance.

Info Sources

  • X Medica
  • Allergan/Galderma
  • Hands on training and videos with my Colleagues at the Skin Center

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • “Will this look natural?”
  • “How much will this cost me?”
  • “What happens if I stop treatment?”

My Favorite Client Transformation Story

My client was beautiful and already had a great skin care routine in place for years. She had not tried injectables thus far. She was forty years old and you would never know it. She had suffered some recent personal struggles. We discussed lip fillers. She had a great lip at baseline and could rock a red lip. We used a subtle and soft Dermal filler on her lips, and she was so happy with her results. She couldn’t thank me enough for making her feel alive again! That weekend she headed to the MAC counter and got a new vibrant color! It felt so good to make someone so happy and confident!

My Greatest Challenge

Although a good variety of med spa skin care treatments exists, as well as neurotoxins and dermal fillers, which slow down the aging process, it is imperative to stress the importance of having a good skin care treatment at home as well.

What I Love Most About My Work

Intensive Care Nursing over the past fifteen years has humbled my heart in the most impactful way. The skills, attention to detail and nurturing, which I have acquired as an ICU Nurse, have carried over into my career in Aesthetic Nursing. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to make people look and feel better about themselves and build up their self -confidence. At the Skin Center, I am surrounded by experts in their field and clients who are coming and leaving very happy. Coming from an environment where I see patients at their worst and finding my way to the world of Aesthetics has been challenging, stimulating and just the remedy I needed.

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