Taylor Klein, Medical Aesthetician

Taylor Klein

Taylor, a Medical Aesthetician in Pittsburgh, specializes in chemical peels, CoolSculpting Elite, microneedling, skincare, and more. She believes that everyone is uniquely beautiful and works with her patients to enhance their natural beauty based on their individual skin needs. Taylor provides her patients with confidence-boosting results through personalized medical-grade treatments and skincare products.

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Skin Care Tip

Wear your sunscreen! It is the best anti-aging product on the market. UV exposure is the number one reason for our skin to sag and wrinkle. You can use the best retinols and other correctives but if you aren’t consistently wearing spf (even when it’s cloudy), those products can’t work to their full potential.

Favorite MedSpa Treatment

I love how effective and customizable chemical peels can be with very little discomfort or downtime. While they do take time to see results, they can address multiple issues and give your skin a great healthy complexion.

Info Sources

  • Skin INC

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • “How long will it take for me to see results?”
  • “What are the most important products that I should be using?”
  • “Does coolsculpting really work” - Yes! It really does!

My Favorite Client Transformation Stories

I had a patient with acne and rosacea across her cheeks and before seeing me she had felt like she tried everything. With a series of chemical peels and some lifestyle changes her skin cleared in a matter of months and we were able to smooth her skin and reduce 75% of her redness. She now feels confident with her skin and is on a maintenance plan to keep her skin glowing.

I have personally had to work so hard to transform my own skin. With dermatologists only wanting to prescribe steroids and antibiotics to clear my perioral dermatitis, I have had to do my own research and work to clear and repair my skin with diet changes, specific products like azelaic acid and switching to more gentle products until my skin cleared. Having personal experiences with problematic skin helps me relate to my patients in understanding how they feel and coming up with a plan that works.

My Greatest Challenge

Conveying the importance of at home medical grade products. Being consistent at home will give you better results from professional treatments. It’s like going to see a personal trainer once a week and the other 6 days you don’t workout and work towards better health. It takes consistency and patience to see results in anything.

What I Love Most About My Work

Being able to walk into work and be surrounded by such amazing women and help people feel more confident in their own skin is invaluable. Every day is always something different and there are no one size fits all treatments so being able to customize and see so many different skin problems keeps work exciting!

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