CoolSculpting or Liposuction: Which is Better?

Eating like a saint and working out like a sports-star may have gotten you far, but not to the finish line. If your body is holding on to more fat cells than you’d like, it is perfectly reasonable to feel frustrated. It is also perfectly acceptable to explore options for removing that stubborn fat for good.

The biggest question that prospective patients have is “surgical or non-surgical?” Perhaps you feel like this is a no-brainer in your situation. Many people do lean toward the non-surgical. However, once we consult with our patients, the reason becomes apparent. There is a connotation about surgery that can create unnecessary stress. Here, we discuss the questions you need to ask to decide between CoolSculpting and liposuction.

What is My Trouble-Spot?

The way that CoolSculpting works is by suctioning a small amount of fat between pre-sized cooling panels. The applicators fit well around the fat on the backs of the arms and the area beneath the belly button. CoolSculpting is also appropriate for the inner thighs and under the chin. Keep in mind, though, that this non-surgical treatment is limited to the amount of fat that it can remove, even with a series of treatments.

Is there More Than One Trouble Spot?

One of the benefits of liposuction versus CoolSculpting is that this technique can be used on more than one treatment area in a single procedure. It is possible to treat both the thighs and the midsection, for example, with CoolSculpting, but each area would require multiple one-hour sessions to achieve maximum results. In this instance, as well as those in which a more substantial amount of fat reduction is desired, liposuction provides better results more quickly and at a lower overall cost.

What Result is Desired?

Fat reduction is not identical across the board. CoolSculpting is an excellent treatment, which is why we offer it. However, it is most advantageous for those who have a pooch or double chin they want to part ways with. We could describe it like this: CoolSculpting is about shrinking a persistent bulge; liposuction can reshape the body. The reason is that there is greater precision and versatility in the surgical liposuction technique than with a body-contouring treatment that relies on a platform and structured applicators.

At the Skin Center, we perform conventional liposuction and SmartLipo, a laser-assisted technique that reduces fat and tightens the skin. We also perform CoolSculpting treatments. Our team can consult with you to help you determine how to get the results you want. Call 1-800-429-1151 to schedule your visit.

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