Why More People are Loving Their Fat

Fat. It’s a natural aspect of being human, and it is something with which most of us have a love-hate relationship. In actuality, we should acknowledge that fat is most often viewed as something we’d prefer not to have. On the contrary, though, as we age, we may begin to recognize the true value of fat in certain parts of the face. Usually, around the age of 40, men and women begin to notice the very structure of their face changing. The fullness that once existed across the cheekbones (often mistaken as actual bone) drops. The cheeks become flatter and, as this occurs, the lower face begins to look wider, possibly droopy. Lifting only does so much. What experts have discovered is that restoring volume to the appropriate areas is what makes the most impact on appearance.

Fat as the New Age Filler

Dermal fillers have only been around a short time in the grand scheme of things. However, they have become the go-to for individuals interested in gaining or restoring fullness in the upper parts of the face. Dermal fillers are synthetic products that can be highly advantageous. Because most products are based on naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, there is little risk of reaction. These products provide an immediate improvement and also diminish naturally over time, so require no long-term commitment. At some point, though, you may want more than a temporary improvement. This is when you want to consider fat grafting for facial rejuvenation.

Fat grafting works in similar fashion to dermal fillers, and can even be combined with that technique for optimal results. What is different about the fat grafting method is that the “filler” is your own fat. We harvest fat cells from a place on your body where you have some to spare, such as the thighs or abdomen. These cells are then spun to extract the purest cellular matrix of fat and growth factors. It is this product that is then injected into the cheeks and other areas of the face where volume is needed.

Benefits of Fat Grafting

Why are so many people showing interest in fat grafting over dermal filler treatment that takes only a few minutes to obtain results? Let’s see . . .

  • Fat grafting is a double-whammy. We call fat grafting a double-whammy treatment because the secondary benefit to treatment is that fat is removed from a part of the body you may want to refine. Of course, the amount of fat taken may be minimal compared to liposuction for body-contouring, but the harvest area often does look noticeably improved after the minor liposuction for fat cells.
  • Permanent results. One of the primary reasons that patients appreciate fat grafting over dermal fillers is that the results they obtain last forever. It is important to know that the fat cells that integrate into their new area can grow. They can also diminish naturally with age. However, retreatment is not needed nearly as often as dermal fillers. In fact, retreatment may never be needed.
  • Cost effectiveness. The fact that a high percentage of transferred fat stays put for many, many years makes this treatment a cost-effective option, not to mention one that is more convenient in the long run.
  • Natural results. When fat is injected into facial tissues, there is no risk of a blue-tinge (which can happen with some fillers). There is no hardness that occurs and no lumping. Fat integrates into what is already there, and remains soft and supple.

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