Middle Age Can Bite Me…I’m Waging War Against Wrinkles!

In the war against wrinkles, my weapon of choice is Dysport®.

I’m going to smooth my wrinkles, dye my hair and otherwise hope for the best. That’s right, I’m fighting back (while obsessing as little as possible).

Several months ago I penned a blog about Botox® Cosmetic. I was new to the wrinkle-fighting game and the word Botox just rolled off tongues as I chatted with my fellow staffers in the marketing department at my place of work.

We like Botox here at The Skin Center, and with good reason: It’s a powerhouse, a proven winner, and household name, but, it isn’t the only neurotoxin (big word for a prescription injectable that paralyzes muscles, relaxes fine lines and softens or eliminates creases while your face is at rest) in town.

You see, Dysport is Botox’s friendly neighbor—the Nike® to Under Armour® or the Lucy® to Lululemon®. In other words, Dysport is comparable to Botox in its basic makeup and its wrinkle-fighting superpowers are legit.

Dysport’s essential job is to act and perform in virtually the same fashion as Botox. The goal is to look fresh, not frozen; natural, not plastic; pretty, not paralyzed! However, for this middle-age mama, Dysport does all those things and more—faster than Botox—and it lasts longer, too!

For whatever reason, and this is true for at least a few women I know who have tried both Botox and Dysport, the latter kicks in like a wrinkle-eliminating turbo booster (in 24-hours those lines start to blur and even vanish) and it seems to hang around past the four-month mark. That’s a big deal because Botox takes longer to reveal its greatness (two weeks) and I only seem to get a thorough wrinkle reprieve for about 8-10 weeks.

Another really important thing to note: Botox might last longer for you than it does for me. My metabolism is different from your metabolism (and FYI, it sure ain’t what it used to be) so my body’s response to one neurotoxin may differ from yours. Hey, that’s chemistry and biology for you. As a girl who had to drop chemistry in 11th grade to avoid getting a D+, that’s as deep into matters of science as I’m willing to delve!

Neurotoxins…A Primer for the Wrinkled & Easily Confused:

Here are some helpful non-science-y takeaways from today’s neurotoxin talk:

  • In my hardly-humble opinion, neurotoxins rock; whether I’ve used Botox or Dysport, I’ve been super happy with the refreshed, well-rested looking results.
  • Different neurotoxins can act differently depending on who uses them and in which areas of the face they are used because people are different…and well, science!
  • It’s important to discuss the differences in neurotoxins with an experienced provider before trying one. It’s vital to get all of the details to make the informed decision that’s best for you.
  • If your wrinkles don’t bother you, don’t bother getting a neurotoxin treatment—bask in the serenity of being comfortable in your own skin—vanity be damned! P.S. Way to go…I’m not there yet.
  • If your wrinkles do bother you and you’re curious about this whole world of neurotoxins and treatments that can help soften the blow of each passing year, I know a provider (or 10) who can hold your hand while you explore treatment options.

I may be very biased, but I also wouldn’t put my sister or friend in the hands of a provider who wasn’t trained in the best industry techniques, experienced and utterly compassionate. The providers at The Skin Center are pros.

If you want to know more about what we do here, come in for a free, no-obligation consultation. I’ll even go with you if you’re nervous…and we have great deals for first-timers!

Can’t wait to see you.

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