Dysport® is one of our most popular med spa treatments. Similar to Botox and Jeuveau, Dysport can reduce wrinkles, furrows, and frown lines quickly and with zero downtime. When injected properly, Dysport can refresh your appearance while preserving natural, expressive facial movement.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable performed to reduce the appearance of mild to severe dynamic wrinkles. This injectable is a great choice for adults who want to look younger without undergoing surgical procedures. In fact, injectables like Dysport can achieve some improvements that surgery may not! With an eye for the most natural-looking results in facial rejuvenation, we are excited to offer Dysport treatment at our Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH med spa locations.

What concerns can Dysport injections treat?

Dysport can be used to correct a few specific signs of aging. The injectable can also be used preventatively to keep you looking younger longer.

  • Frown lines. Frown lines are the "11s" that form in the skin between the eyebrows when we make certain expressions and facial movements. Over time, these lines can become permanent. When they do, they might make your resting expression look sad or angry.
  • Worry lines. These horizontal lines that develop toward the upper part of the forehead also occur as a result of facial movements. As the skin ages, these lines can deepen and multiply.
  • Crow's feet. We call the creases that form at the outer corners of the eye crow's feet because they look like the tiny footprint of a bird. Without a lot of collagen and elastin in the skin, crow's feet can worsen with time, especially if you squint frequently.
  • Bunny lines. These horizontal lines at the uppermost bridge of the nose may form when squinting or making other facial expressions and, with age, become permanent.
  • Upper lip and gummy smile. As we age, the upper lip might start to look like a thin, flat line. A gummy smile is one that shows too much gum tissue for a harmonious look.
  • Chin dimples or a "pebbly" appearance across the chin may result from overuse of the mentalis muscle. Regardless of the cause, dimpling and pebbling can become an unwelcome focal point on the face.
  • Neck bands. This common cosmetic concern primarily affects women. The bands appear when the muscles at each side of the neck become tightened and thick over time.

How does Dysport work?

Dysport injections work by blocking the nerves that signal a muscle to contract. With just a few injections, the target muscle or muscles become relaxed, but not so much that you lose your expressiveness. Our experienced injectors use techniques and instruments that maximize your comfort during your treatment. Most of our patients feel a minor, momentary pinching sensation as each injection is given. 

The most experienced Dysport providers

The Skin Center Medical Spa and Aesthetic Practice is one of the most renowned medical spas in our region. Our Ohio and Pennsylvania med spa locations are among Allergan's Top Ten, meaning that we perform a lot of injectable treatments! Our medical aestheticians and experienced injectors are true leaders due to the sheer number of injections they perform on a regular basis. When you visit a Skin Center location, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving treatment from an expert in the field.

How is the Dysport procedure performed?

Dysport is always administered by one of our expert injectors, each of which has been thoroughly trained in the most advanced injection methods. The treatment process is simple and comfortable. After meeting with your expert injector to talk about your goals, the injection portion of your appointment may take just five to 10 minutes. We perform injections using a micro-needle. This is much smaller than the needles that are used to draw blood from the arm. To smooth away dynamic wrinkles, your provider will administer Dysport precisely into the specific muscles that are causing the skin to fold. Because the needle is so tiny, there is no need for a local anesthetic. If you're concerned about discomfort, let us know! We can use topical anesthetic or ice packs to reduce the sensitivity of the treatment area.

How many Dysport injections will I need?

The number of injections you will need depends on your goals. When you meet with your provider, they will let you know how many units of Dysport you need to achieve the best results. The number of units you need may not equate to the exact number of injections that will be given. Regardless of the number of injections, rest assured that we will keep you comfortable throughout your treatment!

What is recovery like after Dysport?

There is no recovery after getting Dysport. You can go right back to most of your normal activities. The primary post-treatment guidelines are to avoid lying down and to not work out for four to five hours after getting your injections. Also, do not go straight from your Dysport appointment to your massage therapist. It is important to avoid applying pressure to the face after getting Dysport so that the product does not migrate away from the treatment area.

Following your Dysport treatment, you might experience a little redness and swelling at the injection sites. Some people develop subtle bruising or a headache. These common side effects are temporary and should last no more than a day or two, if that. Less common side effects like eyebrow or upper eyelid drooping tend to occur as a result of lying down too soon after treatment.

What will the results of Dysport look like?

The results of Dysport build over five to seven days. As the muscles relax, the overlying skin that was creased and wrinkled starts to smooth out. The muscles that weren't treated retain the ability to contract normally, so you can expect your results to look beautifully natural.

How long will results last?

The results of Dysport injections may vary from person to person. Generally, the active ingredient continues working for three to six months. Treatment can be repeated every three to four months as needed to maintain your rejuvenated appearance.

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