Reasons to Love the Cold

At some point during the bitter cold months of Winter, many of us begin to dream of the sun’s warmth and days by the water. The very idea of more cold at this time of year may feel completely counterintuitive to what is good for us. We want to propose that there can be value in cold. In fact, we want to go so far as to suggest that now is a great time to visit one of our Ohio or Pennsylvania med spa facilities for CoolSculpting.

What CoolSculpting is All About

CoolSculpting is the hot new treatment that melts away fat without surgery. Actually, we should really say that this technique freezes fat and leads to permanent destruction of targeted fat cells. The science behind CoolSculpting is proven and pretty fascinating. When fat cells are cooled to a precise temperature of approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit, their liquid contents turn to tiny crystals. This crystallization of lipids inside of fat cells causes what is known as cryolipolysis, or the destruction of fat cells related to cold. Affected by near-freezing temperature, these fat cells become targets for the body’s natural elimination process. Once they are metabolized, they do not come back.

Versatility in Treatment

There are several benefits to the CoolSculpting process. One is that there is no downtime after treatment. Another is that there are no incisions and no recovery from anesthesia. The permanence of results is also advantageous. An aspect of this technique that many patients appreciate is the fact that CoolSculpting panels are great for treating the abdomen, which is a common trouble-spot for many people. It is also possible to treat the sides and back, also referred to as a muffin top. Fat around the bra strap and on the thighs and hips can also be targeted. The most recent advancement in CoolSculpting has been the development of a small applicator that can be used to treat submental fullness, or the double chin, as well as the backs of the arms.

The Skin Center offers a variety of body-contouring treatments because we recognize the unique nature of each person’s body. To learn more about CoolSculpting and our other techniques of fat reduction, call 1-412-429-1151.

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