Allison Six, NP, Aesthetic Clinician

Allison Six

Allison Six, Expert CRNP Injector at The Skin Center

Allison Six, certified Nurse Practitioner, specializes in Botox, dermal filler, and her favorite, microneedling. She is passionate about the power of aesthetics and her goal is to always offer her patients results that accentuate their natural beauty.

Come see Allison at The Skin Center in our Washington Express Center!

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Favorite Skincare Tip

Always wear sunscreen even on gloomy Pittsburgh days! I also always recommend retinol. It’s the gold standard for anti-aging for a reason!

Favorite Med Spa Treatment

Micro needling! It’s versatile, has minimal down time and almost everyone can benefit from it. It can help with acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and stretch marks. It creates micro injuries to make the body produce more collagen and elastin, leaves the skin looking amazing!

Info Sources

There are injectors at The Skin Center with over 15 years of experience in the field. They are my most valuable resources. Everyone is willing to show you new techniques or their favorite products. I also frequently study from the x-medica website or discuss products with the representatives that come into the office.

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • “Will I look frozen if I get Botox?”
  • “How much does this treatment cost?”
  • “What treatments do you get done?”

My Greatest Challenge

I’d have to say budgeting. People want everything done at once, but their budgets do not always allow that. I’d like clients to receive treatments that give them the most bang for their bucks so discussing their options is a must!

What I Love Most About My Work

I love how supportive everyone is! It honestly doesn’t feel like work when there. The environment is always fun, and I love helping clients feeling their best.

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