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Breast lift Pittsburgh, PA Breast lift surgery has never received the same amount of attention as breast augmentation but that is not an indication of value. Studies demonstrate the efficiency and high satisfaction rate of breast lift surgery, and we get to see these effects first-hand through patients of our Columbus and Pittsburgh offices. While we are well aware of the ways in which a breast lift can improve not only a woman’s shape but her satisfaction with it, we don’t expect a patient to recognize this until after her surgery. Beforehand, we expect questions like “will my breast lift last?”

A breast lift can last. It can last many years, even. Some of the contributing factors to longevity are out of anyone’s control, such as genetics and the natural aging process. However, there are a few factors that can be controlled to prolong the effects of a breast lift. These include:

  • Wearing a good bra. What makes a “good bra?” This is an excellent question. A good bra is one that supports the natural fall of the breasts. Bras that push the breasts up and in may dramatically enhance shape in the moment but these same bras keep the pectoral muscles from doing their job, which is to stabilize the breasts from within.
  • Staying fit. The breasts can benefit from toned pectoral muscles, which is why we suggest a well-fit bra. Exercise can also be beneficial in maintaining breast shape after a breast lift. There is no need to go bodybuilder status; just to engage in moderate chest exercises such as yoga or even push-ups a few days a week.
  • Managing weight. Weight can change a lot about the body. A woman who gains weight typically experiences an increase in fatty tissue in the breasts. Heavier breasts are naturally more stressed by gravity and therefore more susceptible to sagging.
  • Boosting collagen. Breast position is partially about fatty tissue, partially about the muscles in the chest, and partially about the skin and connective tissue. In this area, it is collagen that is necessary. As the body ages, more collagen is lost than is made, which degrades all of the tissues that support various parts of the body. Studies suggest that collagen production may be supported with 1,000 mg of vitamin C taken daily.

Knowing that there are ways to maximize the effects of a breast lift, are you ready for more information? Contact our office in Columbus, OH or Pittsburgh, PA to schedule a consultation.

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