Lip Augmentation in Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland and Columbus, OH

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What is lip augmentation?

Most dermal fillers are gels of varying consistencies that use hyaluronic acid (HA) to treat volume loss in specific areas of the face and add volume where desired. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that's naturally found in the body, so allergic reactions are extremely rare. It is also flexible, so your lips will look natural when you smile or talk. Your expert injector will help you choose the right filler for your goals and your best results.

Lip augmentation can improve:

  • Deflated upper lip
  • Thin or aging lips
  • Uneven lips
  • Lip lines

Available in Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland and Columbus OH, a lip augmentation creates full, sensual lips which have long been considered an aesthetic ideal of youth and beauty.

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Is there downtime after receiving lip injections?

You may have some redness and slight swelling at the injection sites, but that shouldn’t preclude you from going about your normal activities. Strenuous exercise should wait a day just to let the filler settle in.

How long does lip filler last?

The duration of lip filler varies depending on the type of filler used and how your body metabolizes it. However, in general, lip fillers typically last between six to twelve months.

Can filler be used in a lip-flip?

A combination of filler and Botox can be used to treat a gummy smile by relaxing the muscles that control the movement of the upper lip. In some people, these muscles can contract strongly, causing the upper lip to rise higher than desired and expose more of the gums.

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