Testosterone May be the Boost You Need, Even if You’re a Woman

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pittsburgh, PA Testosterone has been revered for the strength and virility the hormone provides for the average male. Even as far as we’ve come in medicine and technology, many people are still surprised to hear that the sex hormones we largely attribute to male and female characteristics exist in both sexes. Men need a small amount of estrogen for optimal function and women need testosterone to be fully healthy and vital. Here, we discuss the particular ways in which testosterone supports female health:

  • Bone health. Studies have suggested that testosterone deficiency is a factor in a woman’s risk for osteoporosis. This is because testosterone facilitates the regeneration of bone tissue that keeps bones dense and strong.
  • Muscle mass. We don’t have to stretch to see that the average man is far more muscular than the average woman. This is because a man’s testosterone levels are hundreds of times higher than a woman’s. When testosterone levels decline, a woman has an even more difficult time maintaining muscle tone, which can affect her flexibility and overall mobility as she ages.
  • Cognitive health. Researchers have found that women with Alzheimer’s disease have lower measurements of testosterone, as well as estrogen, than postmenopausal women without the condition. Studies have also demonstrated positive effects like better spatial awareness in women with adequate testosterone availability.
  • Sexual health. We can’t talk about testosterone without noting that it is this sex hormone that is involved in actual sexual thoughts and libido in both men and women.

It Doesn’t Take Much

There is significant data that supports the value of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both sexes. When a woman’s level of testosterone is lower than the normal range of 2 to 45 ng/dL, she needs very little to bring herself back into balance. This is good news for women who fear that testosterone therapy will cause unpleasant side effects like increased facial hair or a deeper voice. For significant side effects to occur, a woman would have to be substantially over-dosed. Fortunately, if side effects were to develop, they go away as the body metabolizes the extra testosterone that has been given.

We are meticulous in our method of restoring optimal hormone balance for our patients and perform periodic blood work to ensure the proper dosage is maintained. To learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact a Skin Center near you. We have offices in Columbus and throughout the Pittsburgh area.

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