The Strongest of Light Chemical Peels – “VI Peel” Review

You might think that because I am the Director of Marketing at The Skin Center, I’m used to (or have even done) all the different treatments. Not so! Just like so many of our clients, I too, am curious about which products, treatments and services are right for me.

Being a freckly-faced red-head, I have lived my life with a not-so-clear-complexion. And on top of that, I’ve had my fair share of sunburn and hormonal acne (really!?) So when the marketing team and I started talking about the benefits of a chemical peel, I was totally intrigued.

Pre-Peel Jitters

After talking to Kasey—one of our aestheticians—I decided to try the VI Peel Chemical Peel. She said it would lighten my freckles, brighten my overall complexion AND provide some skin-tightening and collagen-building benefits, all with minimal downtime. Even better, there’s an acne version.

I was hooked. But honestly, I was totally nervous. Nervous it would hurt, that it would be too much for my sensitive skin, that I’d lose all of my freckles (which are kinda cute per my husband) and nervous that I would look like Samantha Jones from Sex in The City, wearing that big black hat all week long. I was afraid that by losing too many freckles, I’d lose part of my identity! But Kasey and the team assured me that I’d be fine.

My First VI Peel Experience

Day 1: Peel Day

Kasey showed me the product, told me what it would feel like, how the peeling would progress and reviewed the aftercare. Wow—I think I heard every other word. What I did hear was that everything I needed would be provided in writing and that all after-care products were included in the kit. Phew! She explained that I would be applying half the product myself, as this was a multiple day process.

After make-up removal, we took my “before” pics. Nothing like having a camera in your face to capture all those fine lines and freckles. After a deep cleansing with medical-grade acetone (which burned for a few seconds) Kasey quickly applied the peel. I left looking like an Oompa Loompa and feeling a bit silly. My face was a tad itchy, but fine.

After an hour, I applied my first peel packet. Before bed, I cleansed and reapplied another towelette. I began to feel some tightness, but nothing crazy. Itching was at a minimum.

Day 2: Friday, 1 day post-Peel

I felt some tightness in the morning, but didn’t start to notice peeling (around the corners of my nose) until later in the day. As instructed, I applied moisturizer and sunscreen all day.

Around 10 pm, I cleansed and applied the final towelette. I felt a slight itchiness for sure, but it was manageable. About 20 minutes later, I added the moisturizer. I went to bed around midnight—and have to say that by 2 am I couldn’t bear it anymore. I simply could not sleep due to the tingly itching. I HAD TO wash my face. I used cool water and was immediately soothed. (Note: I checked with the team and they said this will not impact the results, as the product was on long enough to penetrate my skin. Phew!)

Day 3: Saturday, 2 days post-Peel

The peeling was really beginning. Just like Kasey said, it started from the corners of my nose and moved outward. My chin was definitely peeling as well. But not too bad. With enough moisturizer it’s totally manageable. I applied moisturizer and sunscreen like mad—about every hour. By late day, I noticed that my forehead and eye areas were super dry and tight. When I squinted or lifted my forehead, I could see how taught my skin was—like I had shrink wrap on my face!

Day 4: Sunday, 3 days post-Peel

The peeling on my forehead was quite noticeable. I had to resist the urge to peel the sheet on my forehead. Aha! I noticed a large dark spot/freckle was gone— it just peeled right off.

Day 5-7:  Monday – Thursday post-Peel

The peeling slowly subsided—moving last to my jawbone and hairline. It’s easy to hide with lots of moisturizer and cover up. The rest of the week was fine. And truly, after Monday, all signs of peeling (and itching) were gone.

My skin definitely feels lovely—it’s soft and smooth. I have had a very few small blemishes appear, but Kasey mentioned that could occur. By day 7, we did post-peel pictures. We’ll do more again in two weeks. I can’t wait get VI Peel #2 and see the difference!

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