Have You Got the Idea of a Mommy Makeover All Wrong?

Mommy Makeover Pittsburgh, PA Mommy makeover treatment is nothing new. The term has been tossed around so much that even someone in the throes of “mommy brain” has a pretty good idea of what this group of cosmetic surgery procedures can do. The thing about the whole mommy makeover concept is that as common as this treatment is, we may have inadvertently put it in a box. It’s time to unpack the idea of what a mommy makeover is, starting with a few key points.

  1. Even if no one calls you “Mom,” you can get a mommy makeover.

The idea of a mommy makeover is to address the areas of a woman’s body that are typically altered by the various facets of being a mother. However, the breasts, belly, and other areas of the body can change for a number of reasons, not just because a woman has been pregnant or has breastfed children. Whatever your reason, whatever your age, you can seek the very procedures that characterize a mommy makeover.

  1. We need a bigger box to describe the average mommy makeover.

Historically, a mommy makeover has been revered for its ability or redefine the body through breast and abdominal reshaping. Today, women are taking full advantage of the custom-nature of mommy makeover treatment, as they should. Maybe your mommy makeover won’t involve the stereotypical breast procedure, but it will address stubborn weight and excess laxity through liposuction and a tummy tuck and, while you’re at it, you’ll also get your thighs contoured to further accentuate your shape. Some women even include facial procedures in their makeover. What you want, we seek to deliver.

  1. Mommy makeover does not have to equal surgery.

Seeing that one of the rarely-talked aspects of mothering is how this life change can affect the intimate areas of the body. Did you know that a mommy makeover can include vaginal rejuvenation? Did you also know that vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t have to involve surgery at all? Patients of the Skin Center can benefit from ThermiVa nonsurgical treatment to top off their mommy makeover process and boost their confidence even more.

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