Reasons to Consider SmartLipo

Fatty deposits anywhere on the body can be an enormous frustration. Still, most people have at least one area in which we have some extra fat cells to spare. Maybe your problem area is the backs of your arms; maybe it’s your back. Many people today seek our help with the reduction of double-chin fat, and many more seek treatment for stubborn abdominal fat. The question isn’t whether or not to bid farewell to unwanted fat; it’s how to go about doing it. Here, we discuss why SmartLipo may be preferred over traditional liposuction.

First things First

What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is an innovative liposuction technique that involves laser energy. The procedure mimics conventional liposuction surgery in the use of a cannula for fat extraction. However, before the fat is removed, the heat from laser energy disrupts the structure of cells, making them easier to remove.

When laser energy is applied to the liposuction procedure, fat cells get liquefied. This eases the extraction through a small cannula. SmartLipo can be performed on the knees, thighs (inner and outer), the hips, buttocks, flanks, and abdomen. This technique is also suitable for the breasts (male breasts), bra fat, the backs of the arms, and under the chin.

Benefits of SmartLipo

  1. SmartLipo is minimally invasive. The laser probe at the end of the liposuction cannula is about the size of a pen point. This means smaller incisions.
  2. Laser energy melts fat cells so what is extracted is liquid instead of solid. This technique is less disruptive to surrounding cells and tissues.
  3. Laser energy heats surrounding tissue and skin. Heat is gentle but powerful enough to excite collagen production. More collagen means smoother, tighter skin.
  4. Smaller incisions and gentler fat extraction equates to an expedited recovery. Most patients who undergo SmartLipo can resume normal activities within a few days, with the exception of strenuous exercise.

A Word about Cellulite

There is a misperception about liposuction being a good solution for cellulite. While skin-dimpling and rippling may improve somewhat as a result of fat reduction, it is unlikely that cellulite will completely fade after liposuction. This is because cellulite is only partially a “fat problem.” If cellulite is a concern, we will discuss the value of a complementary procedure such as ThermiSmooth to coincide with liposuction.

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